Sunday, April 7, 2013

A lot of organizing and a little sewing has been going on in my creative space

After a spring cleaning and organizing binge this week (mostly weekend), I’ve reclaimed some flat surface area and streamlined my craft organization a little more to inspire creativity and More Importantly get things cleaned up/organized. Again this sort of spawned off of Pinterest after seeing many “pins” by others for a 30 day house cleaning challenge AND of course a crafty little idea I found on Pinterest that I’ve been wanting to do and started a few weeks ago. 

 P4070452 P4070455

I received some great bar mop towels for Christmas, but since they’re a bit smaller than a regular kitchen towel they didn’t want to stay on the fridge handle where our towels usually end up as they typically end up floor if they’re on the oven handle (either they slip off or a certain cute little 3 year old pulls them off). Only one towel left to go and I will have four cool little stay-put kitchen towels.  The tutorial I used can be found here.  

As for the organizing and cleaned up flat surfaces in my creative space….it is not quite finished yet, so when I’m done and happy with it I may add a little snapshot of it later.

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