Thursday, January 24, 2013

My big wall collage project

Almost a year ago I started working on my idea of a wall collage on a blank wall in our living room, I had the vision and some of the pieces but needed more. The past few days we have completed the project – well 99.9% complete as the arrangement has left a little spot for me to get creative & find or make just the perfect thing to fill the spot.

So for a little over two years this wall has been void of anything and the only thing that changed on it from when we moved in the house was the light switch (oh and the safety gate at the top of the stairs which we all know does not count as decor). We have “decorated” other walls but we didn’t really have anything that suited the space on this wall other than my vision & idea of doing one of those cool collages of pictures.


My inspiration began with this collection.


That lead to this collection.


Which evolved to this collection.


Resulting in this beautiful wall that is no longer void but full of memories with a little room to grow.


It’s pretty close to what we arranged on the floor to get a good visual. My wonderful husband put all the frame details into Google SketchUp so we could get a visual on the 3D model of the wall. It was a little tedious but worth it because it helped having a reference printout of our layout as we worked on hanging all 24 items over two evenings. We stayed with our “original” arrangement shown on the wood floor above with just a couple minor changes.

wall photo colllage

So there’s my pretty new wall and a glimpse of another favorite spot on the adjacent wall.  :-)  And with this project pretty much complete and officially checked off the list we’ve added “new lighting” to the list for this spot – something like the track lighting we put in the kitchen in the house we built in Arizona perhaps. 


At least my other wall collage projects are a smaller scale and hopefully will be a little easier once I have the groupings and pictures I want for my “vision” of them.  Just breathing a sigh of relief that the big one is “done”.

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