Saturday, January 12, 2013

Into the New Year of 2013

A new year brings new inspiration or something like that…  I’ve been thinking for sometime about changing things up a bit on this blog. Primarily I’ve been sharing projects either completed or in the works and not very frequently as I’ve been working on projects slowly while working at home with my very busy toddler and enjoying life. 

That said the past week of this new year has me a little inspired for change.  Besides sharing my completed projects as they are stocked in my Etsy shop, I’d like to write about “all things craft” so-to-speak with perhaps some “off-topic” stuff that may find a thread back to one of my crafty obsessions.  Some examples of '”off-topic” would be organization, DIY topics and some of the homemaking woes of a craft obsessed momma.  So I hope this change is a welcome change for readers and newcomers to my blog.

Now I have some new scarves completed that I desperately need to take photos of to post and add to my shop.  I’m still in the process of re-organizing and making my creative space  an organized creative space that functions well. A few things occurred last year that put that task on hold – visitors early Fall, a three year old in the house and the Holidays.   

So please stay tuned, bear with me and share the love of Crafty Obsessions.

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