Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Special Continues

Holiday Special continues thru 12/16
Special gift with orders over $30 - add note at checkout "Xmas Silver" or "Xmas Gold" or "Snow Gold" or "Snow Silver" to receive your special gift. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Special Coupon Code for 12/12/12

I'm adding inventory to my shop, and for the special 12/12/12 tomorrow (starting tonight at midnight PT for one day only) I will have a promo code for FREE domestic shipping. Promo code will be good only for 12/12/12 and applies to any order! So tell your friends and spread the word.  I know I'm a little late on the newsflash but what can I say I'm an at-home-mom of a 3 yr old that is attempting to do some 'work-at-home' stuff when she can.  

So starting at midnight PT tonight you can use the code "FREESHIPPING121212".
Stop by My Etsy store on Wednesday 12/12/12 for a special promotion code that will help you finish your Holiday shopping with some savings.  Make it special and Buy Handmade!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Scarves Available for the Holidays

It has been one busy year with not much happening here on the blog but I have been working on scarves through the year - albeit slowly working on scarves while spending lots of time with my growing daughter, tending to the summer garden and its bounty along with the usual everyday life of a work at home mom with one very precocious toddler.

I've recently added new items to my Etsy shop and will be adding more items through the week including some jewelry. So please take a look and do share with friends and family. Check back here on the blog to see what's new and Like Crafty Obsessions on Facebook for updates on newly finished or stocked items in my shop.

Violet Dreams Fancy Eyelash Scarf 

Island Dreams and Crystal Blue Waters Fancy Eyelash Scarf

Strawberry Fields and Black Fancy Eyelash Scarf

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Updated website

I’ve been slowly, and I really mean slowly, working on my website. I’ve done some updating and it is looking good but I still want to do more to improve it and that is the part that is going really slow (working on making it a little less basic and more appealing).  Being a work-at-home mom with a very busy and precocious 2 year old makes it challenging to juggle and balance all the things on my overall To-Do/Want-To-Do/Need-To-Do list.  I’ve also been trying to get my creative work space back together again (it was all set up and then we rearranged everything to make a guest room space for extended stay of family).  I’m hopeful and anxious to have my creative space completely organized, ready and conducive for some quality creative time.  In the mean time, I continue working on a new Violet scarf that is close to completion and will be posted soon. 

Updated Crafty Obsessions Website