Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Updated website

I’ve been slowly, and I really mean slowly, working on my website. I’ve done some updating and it is looking good but I still want to do more to improve it and that is the part that is going really slow (working on making it a little less basic and more appealing).  Being a work-at-home mom with a very busy and precocious 2 year old makes it challenging to juggle and balance all the things on my overall To-Do/Want-To-Do/Need-To-Do list.  I’ve also been trying to get my creative work space back together again (it was all set up and then we rearranged everything to make a guest room space for extended stay of family).  I’m hopeful and anxious to have my creative space completely organized, ready and conducive for some quality creative time.  In the mean time, I continue working on a new Violet scarf that is close to completion and will be posted soon. 

Updated Crafty Obsessions Website

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