Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kid’s “Silverware” Storage made fun

Since our girl is at the age of doing lots of things herself, but we have a relatively small kitchen with limited storage (translation not enough storage for this creative food loving/cooking momma with a slew of kitchen “essentials”) I’ve not been able to put in place some of the neat storage ideas for kids dinnerware & utensils I see on Pinterest. 

So limited storage, small kitchen, lots of kitchen stuff combined with old cabinets and difficult/”tired” drawers does not allow for a dedicated drawer or cabinet for the kid stuff (plates/cups/utensils).   We've kept the kid utensils in our “junk drawer”  which is not really a drawer to have accessible to our busy 3-1/2 year old.  So today inspiration kicked in and I came up with an idea I had to try out since a kitchen update is not the budget anytime soon.


Supplies: a clean salsa jar (like pictured or something similar with a wide mouth and not too tall) , washi tape, scissors, ribbon.  Mason jars would be fun too in the right size.


I wanted to make it cute and use what I have on hand which happens also happens to be the only roll of Washi tape I have (new to Washi tape but I know there will be more in my crafty obsessed future).  So, pink & white it is – works for us since we have one kiddo & she loves pink. One jar is enough for us in this case as well. 


This is what I ended up with first, though felt it wasn’t ready yet.


I decided to cut a piece of Washi tape in half so I would end up with thinner bands of it around the top and bottom part of the jar. I wanted to keep it so the spoons and forks could still be visible for the selection process at meal times. Selecting the utensils and dinnerware is a pretty big thing in our house right now.  I just secured the ribbon around the mouth of the jar by tying a bow – opting not to hot glue it since I thought I might like to “wash” it  once in awhile.


Here’s the finished product in its place where it can come down to the counter for meal times, and maybe some more will be made for a certain little girl’s birthday party.

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