Monday, February 16, 2015

Garden Planning... in February? Perfect time to plan your garden

Spring is in the air already here in the inland NW...or at least it feels that way, however it is only February and we know better here that there is most likely some more cold & perhaps some snow in our future still - though it seems the NE has all the snow this month.  But this is the perfect time to start planning and figuring out this year's garden. I love to figure out what we'll be growing (or trying to grow) each year and planning out my raised garden beds. Last year I discovered a great source for seeds after being more interested in the quality and safety of the seeds that we use to grow our food in our garden. I was very happy with the seeds I purchased and the information and tips the company offers. This is a little bit of a plug and includes an affiliate link.  I just love being able to grow some of our own food and look forward to expanding our garden so we can grow more.

Now is the time to start thinking about your garden & start planning it - especially if you live in an area that is soon to have the green light for starting some of your seeds (warmer regions that have already or will soon have had their last frost).  I'm not an expert gardener, and I learn something each year... one of the things I learned in the past couple years is that where your seeds come from (organic, Non-GMO) is important.  Due to my limited gardening space I try to focus on the "Dirty Dozen" list and grow what we use that I can  for our region from that list (zucchini, lettuce, peppers are a few examples). We love salsa in our house and our garden plan reflects that with an emphasis on hot peppers and tomatoes.

Below is the affiliate link I mentioned for that seed source I was talking about. They have sample size packets that I love because they're perfect for backyard gardeners like myself who have limited gardening space, are trying different vegetables to grow or just getting started in their gardening adventure.  Growing your own food is fun & rewarding plus a great learning experience for all ages especially fun for families with children. I might be a little biased having grown up in a family that had a large garden every year and now having my small garden for my little family. 

Thank you for stopping by. I'll be posting some crafty stuff and probably more gardening stuff soon.

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