Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Eco-Friendly Reusable Swiffer Covers Project

What happens when you run out of Swiffer cloths and some members of your household (including yourself) are not fans of the repurposed cloth baby wipes?  This is what happened in our house… I decided I would finally make some reusable Swiffer cloths using some of the abundant amount of fleece that I have in my fabric stash, starting with a cream color remnant that I had picked up for doll pants project that ended up a fail & determining factor that doll clothes is not something I enjoy making. So why not use the cream fleece for Swiffer covers since I have no other use for it.

Now first, I will say there is nothing really wrong with my repurposed flannel “Swiffer cloths” except they don’t like to stay put in the little "holder things” and they are not as cute or fun looking. That has been one thing I didn’t like so much and wanted to do differently this time around. Six cream color covers later I was ready to make more, and found a cheerful spring green fleece remnant that had been a bargain and happened to be the perfect size for my reusable Swiffer cover project. While I would absolutely love to had some super fun fleece prints for this project – I did not have any fleece prints left in my fabric stash to use for this project. 


The first evening I worked on this I finished six cream and one green plain covers. The second evening I felt I wanted to have them be more fun.  So after digging around in my scraps drawer (aka fat quarters that hope to become a quilt someday and other miscellaneous scraps that could be used for something drawer), I found some fleece scraps that I could cut cute shapes out of.  First I was going to try dots but in the end that was more effort than I wanted to put into floor sweeper covers (as if what I ended up doing wasn’t already a little OCD anyway) – hearts it is.  P2260833

Now we have a stash of 16 reusable Swiffer covers. Pretty sure I know which covers my girl will want to use on her “Swiffer”.   May have to go back with some other cute idea to embellish the plain ones without having to rip out stitching to do the heart appliqué idea. Now I’m optimistic and hoping that those in our household that had not been fans of the previous reusable Swiffer cloths we had will like these.

P2260834 P2260835

I was on a mission and did not take any tutorial photos or notes as I had not really thought or planned on a tutorial for these. If that is something you’d like to see, comment on this post & I’ll work on one for the future. :-)

I am still toying with the idea of making “unpaper towels” but we do like our paper towels in this house with a precocious pre-schooler. The main hang-up is that I know some members of our household will not be a fan but I may get around to that project eventually.

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