Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Feeling a little festive and fun

Inspired to work in ‘miniature’ the other day I started on a limited availability project – Christmas Elf accessories in the form of hand knit scarves and hand made tutu skirts that fit perfectly & are absolutely adorable on a certain popular Elf that often spends time sitting upon a shelf and sometimes being a little mischievous. These fun tiny scarves and tutu skirts are great to accessorize any Christmas Elf or even Fashion dolls. Now originally I posted photos of our family’s personal Elf that is a certain brand but have since changed them in this post after having some issues arise that required me to do so elsewhere. That said, my handmade little accessories for dolls, snowmen or Elves are currently available in my Etsy shop – Made to order tutu skirts in white and scarves in-stock and made to order (see shop listing for more info).  Now the fun part will be deciding when our Elf will come back to visit this year… a lot of people welcome their Elf back right around or after Thanksgiving.  We’ve been thinking December 1st more like December 5th in our house… though this year that will be much closer to Thanksgiving after all – so we shall see… I am starting to think going with a 12 days of Christmas visit would be fine at this point – less work and without going into the issues I’ve had on this project… I’m a little disenchanted with a particular Elf.

  PB270613 ScarvesCollageSnowman1 ScarvesCollageSnowman2 

As shown below, Vintage Skipper Barbie models the white scarf – a great accessory for Barbie or other Fashion dolls.


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