Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some of my latest projects

I’ve been neglecting my crafty blog for awhile but I’ve worked on a few projects since my last post. That said I am now finding out what life is like with a very busy toddler and it certainly makes life interesting as well making the time I can scrape together to get a little creative and work on something crafty even more rewarding. I’ve made some doll slings and a plush security blanket which I love both and really hope to make more.

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I also made a belly pad for our second car seat since I really like the one that came with our Britax car seat in my car.


I certainly hope to find more little windows of time to squeeze in some creativity & crafting but I have come to realize with my busy girl craft projects are becoming a luxury as well as a lengthier process than they use to be. So this crafty momma will do her best to fuel her creativity through her blogs and crafts while taking in this wonderful journey of motherhood soaking up all these precious moments that go by so quick – for instance drafting this post with my girl on my lap who is trying to type like her momma. :-)

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